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Peace cannot be kept by force, it
can only be achieved through
Albert Einstein
Slide 2
Discourage litigation. Persuade
your neighbors to compromise
whenever you can.
Abraham Lincoln
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You can’t always get what you
want, but if you try sometimes,
you might find, you get what you need.
Mick Jagger
Slide 4
Never cut what you can untie.
Joseph Joubert
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Remember not only to say the right thing
in the right place, but far more difficult still,
to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the
tempting moment.
Benjamin Franklin
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In the midst of chaos, there is
also opportunity.
Sun Tzu
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Dispute Resolution Center Experts in the Art of Problem Solving

Our mediation team provides guidance through conflict by helping you explore a variety of potential solutions for your unique situation.

With years of experience, our team is dedicated to helping you realize your mediation goals.

Do You Need To Change Your Child Custody Plan or Child Support? Mediation Can Help!

Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Us?

We understand You.

The mediation team at Dispute Resolution Center have several lifetimes of combined experience to aid our clients. There’s not much we haven’t seen, heard about, or helped people resolve.

We meet you where you are.

The goal of mediation, and dispute resolution in general, is to help you find agreements on your own. A mediator facilitates open dialogue while helping reframe your viewpoints to each other in ways that are often easier to understand, or sometimes just sound different or better coming from someone else. 

We are available.

Rarely can a client not get ahold of a mediator in our office if they need one. If your mediator is not available, our staff or another mediator can almost always get you an answer if you have a question.

mediator image of a dove with olive branch balancing the scales of justice

We are good at our work.

Really. Our mediators are among some of the most experienced around. Having handled thousands of cases, we understand what matters to people and how to assist you in the best likelihood of reaching resolution.

We get it.

With years of experience, our staff is amazing at helping you navigate difficult situations. Few people enjoy conflict; we can help you find the best path through your current situation.

We are affordable.

Our mediators have seen a wide array of situations and we can work with your needs and your budget. We do our best to keep costs and hourly fees low to provide more access to resolution to everyone we can.

Are You Experiencing A Conflict Situation And Don't Know Where To Start Or Are You Just Really Stuck?

Conflict coaching can help give you information, perspective, or ideas for next steps. Contact us today, we're here to assist you.

Our Mediation Team

Deborah Medlock

Angie D. Smith

MaKenzi D. Higgins

Ryan C. Evans

Ask a Question:

Have a question but not ready to schedule a consult? Feel free to send us an email and we will get right back to you! Send Dispute Resolution Center a quick email with the form below.

Mediation Blog

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