Conflict Coaching Can Help You Survive the Holidays

Have you heard about conflict coaching? It’s a great method of managing stress around difficult social situations and personal confrontations – especially around the holidays. The Dispute Resolution Center has a specialized team who is ready to help you learn a better and more peaceful way to navigate challenges.  Uncomfortable social settings are often unavoidable during the holidays, professional coaching can support and teach you how to be best prepared when faced with an interpersonal challenge.

Our team is specialized in handling any type of conflict, legal or otherwise. We often work with people for just a few sessions to help them identify their thoughts and goals, or to expand their perspective on a situation. This experience is especially useful for those anticipating the unrest of an awkward tradition – like meeting your cousin’s ‘new spouse’ for the fifth year in a row.

Conflict coaching can help if you’re the type of person who usually avoids conflict. A few sessions of coaching will help you be more comfortable in tense or stressful experiences. Hearing someone talk about politics at the dinner table often makes many people uncomfortable, regardless of whether they agree with what’s being said. So to prepare for your drunken relatives talking about what they heard about on the news, consider conflict coaching, where you work individually with a skilled dispute resolution professional who provides guidance and help with this type of conflict.

Conflict coaching offers a safe space to practice expressing yourself and explaining your situation in a concise and accurate way. This type of coaching is also quite helpful to prepare for court or mediation. Our team has decades of experience working with a variety of people to help with both personal and legal conflict. Our goal is to help you be more successful in expressing yourself, and to reduce the stress you experience in social confrontations. Whether those confrontations are in the courtroom, or in the dining room when Aunt Sandy started in about how the turkey could have been cooked better, and you know she meant to whisper too loudly, conflict coaching can help.

Let Dispute Resolution Center with Juris Law & Mediation of Johnson County and the Kansas City Metro area help you be the most calm and collected person at the dinner table this holiday season. Our conflict coaching staff can help you experience difficult situations with a plan to stay calm and move forward with grace and confidence. Call us at (913) 490-3029 or click here to contact us online.

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