Small Claims

Small Claims

Small claims court cases involve any issue where the disputed money or property is valued less than $4000 in Kansas and $5000 in Missouri. Landlord/tenant issues, contractor issues or automotive repair disputes are common topics. The use of a mediator can be very helpful in these scenarios, since parties are not allowed to be represented by attorneys in Kansas small claims court, and may be unfamiliar with the court process. When small claims cases are mediated to a mutually acceptable resolution, the parties are more likely to follow through with their own agreement than when something is court ordered.

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Our mediation team provides guidance through conflict by helping you explore a variety of potential solutions for your unique situation. With years of experience, our team is dedicated to helping you realize your mediation goals. The mediation team at Dispute Resolution Center have several lifetimes of combined experience to aid our clients. There’s not much we haven’t seen, heard about, or helped people resolve. Having handled thousands of cases, we understand what matters to people and how to assist you in the best likelihood of reaching resolution.

The goal of mediation, and dispute resolution in general, is to help you find agreements on your own. A mediator facilitates open dialogue while helping reframe your viewpoints to each other in ways that are often easier to understand, or sometimes just sound different or better coming from someone else. Our mediators have seen a wide array of situations and we can work with your needs and your budget. We do our best to keep costs and hourly fees low to provide more access to resolution to everyone we can.

Rarely can a client not get ahold of a mediator in our office if they need one. If your mediator is not available, our staff or another mediator can almost always get you an answer if you have a question. If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment please contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 913.490.3689.