Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Ending a relationship can be emotionally difficult and the court process is often confusing, making things worse. Whether you have children, together or not, mediation can help parties find mutually agreeable solutions to deal with the array of issues that arise when relationships end. Divorce mediation can help resolve issues of spousal support, property, or asset and debt division.  If there are children involved, divorce mediation can help parents to create their own parenting plan and reach their own agreements, taking their family’s unique needs into account.

Requirements Vary By State

The requirements for a divorce vary. You must live in a state for a specific length of time before filing for a divorce. That time may vary but is usually 60 days. You can expect a requirement to have a list of all the assets and debts of both parties. If parties agree on these items, a mediator can help you format the information your court will require. If there are disputes, a mediator can assist you in finding an equitable solution.

If you hope to speed up the process of obtaining a divorce, it is possible to file for the divorce prior to entering into divorce mediation.  There is a required length of waiting time between filing for the divorce and the divorce being granted, currently that is 60 days in Kansas and 30 days in Missouri.

Parenting Plan

If you are seeking divorce when you have minor children, you not only must have a plan for division of property, but also must have a parenting plan. A parenting plan lays out both rights and responsibilities of each parent in regard to the children. Many parents are able to figure this out with the assistance of mediation.  Most jurisdictions require some form of dispute resolution, like mediation, before going to court if parents are unable to come up with solutions prior to a court hearing or decision. 

Ask A Question About Divorce Mediation

Our mediation team provides guidance through conflict by helping you explore a variety of potential solutions for your unique situation. With years of experience, our team is dedicated to helping you realize your mediation goals. The mediation team at Dispute Resolution Center have several lifetimes of combined experience to aid our clients. There’s not much we haven’t seen, heard about, or helped people resolve. Having handled thousands of cases, we understand what matters to people and how to assist you in the best likelihood of reaching resolution.

Rarely can a client not get ahold of a mediator in our office if they need one. If your mediator is not available, our staff or another mediator can almost always get you an answer if you have a question. If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment please contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 913.490.3689.