Domestic Mediation: Putting The Pieces Together

Domestic mediation is a process that allows separating or divorcing couples, or families with disagreements, to meet with a mediator who specializes in domestic matters, in order to discuss and help them resolve specific issues pertaining to their family needs. Our no-nonsense approach supports our clients in resolving their matters quickly, efficiently, and in cost-effective ways. Our team is dedicated to helping you find agreements by putting together the pieces of what matters most to both parties.

Domestic Mediation Is An Alternative Divorce Approach

One of the most commonly used methods of divorce settlement is domestic mediation. Through this process, an attorney mediator will act as a neutral party between you and your spouse in order to help facilitate both parties towards agreements to settle all, or just part, of their divorce.  A divorce mediator is not an advocate for either party, and is only present to help with effective communication and divorce resolutions. Some mediation clients use our services to help settle parenting plans, property settlements, maintenance or alimony, child support, and property divisions. Mediation is a great way to get help talking it out between yourself with their help, or apart with the mediator going back and forth between the parties.
In this method, each spouse may choose to be represented by a lawyer, or choose not to retain representation and only work through the divorce with their spouse and the mediator. In this type of mediation, there are no financial planners or other mental health coaches. Your mediator is present to help facilitate effective communication and proceedings to help you make agreements that will best fit your divorce needs.
In contrast to the traditional, court-litigated divorce process, domestic mediation is much less expensive and requires fewer attorneys involved. This allows you to come to the best resolutions for your individual and family needs, with most issues being resolved in the end. You and your spouse are in control of the process and pacing, instead of a judge making decisions for you that may not work for your family. Keep in mind that domestic mediation is a compromising method, where each spouse has to work together to figure out the best solutions for their needs.

Additionally, domestic mediation can be used in all other kinds of family law cases, like paternity disputes including parenting plans, custody, and child support. Domestic mediation is also great for parents who are no longer a couple, or maybe never were, who need to make changes to their child support or parenting plan and want to work it out among themselves with some professional guidance. Even though guardianships technically fall under the probate code in most states, the attorney mediators at Dispute Resolution Center are able to help with guardianship disputes as well, helping the family or friends of the ward work out the fine details of who will do what to help the person in need.
We understand that privacy during this difficult time is important to you, which is why domestic mediation might be the best solution for your needs. Through this method, there is no public record of what is being discussed in your private sessions, and mediators cannot be called to testify about what was said in the negotiations and settlement negotiations are not admissible in a court of law.
No matter the issues, family law disputes can often be a confusing, overwhelming and emotionally draining puzzle for all involved. We know that you need the experience and compassion from our team at Dispute Resolution Center Law & Mediation, LLC, who know the law and are ready to help you piece together solutions through the domestic mediation process. If you are in Olathe, KS and believe that domestic mediation is the best solution for your family needs, contact us today to schedule a consultation, of feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your case.

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