Fighting About Where Your Child Should Attend School After Divorce?  Mediation is a better way.

Why is mediation better?  When you find yourself in a disagreement with your co-parent that you aren’t able to resolve amicably, attempting mediation is better than fighting (especially in front of your children) or threatening to return to court.  Even difficult dilemmas, like where your child should attend school, can be more effectively discussed and potentially resolved through mediation.  

Mediation gives both parents the opportunity to safely air grievances, share perspectives and offer opinions on the matter, and be encouraged to listen to the other side as well.  Often the opportunity to have help staying calm and really hearing where your co-parent is coming from can drastically improve the dynamic between you.  Mediation provides a safe space to facilitate productive conversation.  Even if you don’t ultimately agree whether your child should attend school X or Y, having a better understanding of where each of you are coming from will lessen the tension and benefit your children.

Figuring out really important questions such as where your child should attend school is difficult enough without heated disagreements making it worse.  Under the guidance and presence of a neutral mediator, those tough decisions can be discussed productively, and realistic options can be identified.  Even if you end up in court, having sorted through the emotions and opinions of both parents in mediation will narrow the scope of what needs to be addressed in court.  This can also save you the cost of legal fees spent on continued fighting and disagreements. 

The Dispute Resolution Center in Olathe, Kansas specializes in many forms of mediation, including co-parenting disputes. For more information click on these: Divorce MediationParenting Decisions and Child Custody & Parenting Plan. Dispute Resolution Center also offers Family Assessments and Parent Coordination when you are unable to resolve matters.


If you are a resident of the Kansas City area and looking for help to find common ground between you and your co-parent, contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 913-490-3689 for more information today!

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