Mediation Helps Co-Parents Make Decisions About Extracurricular Activities

Back-to-school season is upon us. It’s time to start back juggling those busy schedules and making decisions on what activities your child will participate in with your co-parent. These may include financial decisions which often add complexity to co-parenting decisions.

Extra activities can come with expenses such as registration fees, equipment, or travel costs. Most separated parents have joint legal custody and will need to make these types of decisions together and oftentimes don’t see eye to eye. For example, your child can play recreational soccer or premiere soccer. Both have different levels of commitment, including time and financial responsibility. You are a fan of one, your co-parent favors the other, and neither of you is budging on what you think is the best option for yourself and the child. What do you do?

Mediation provides a structured space for co-parents to discuss finances openly and transparently. A mediator can guide discussions about budgeting and explore various financial arrangements that work for both parties. Whether it involves sharing costs equally or dividing them based on income, or some other creative arrangement, mediation helps establish fair and sustainable financial plans for the child’s activities. This positive co-parenting environment benefits the child immensely. Mediation is not just about resolving immediate disputes; it also contributes to the long-term co-parenting relationship. When parents can successfully navigate decisions about their child’s extracurricular activities and associated costs, it creates a sense of cooperation and respect.

By embracing the mediation process, co-parents can foster effective communication, make informed decisions, and prioritize their child’s well-being.

The Dispute Resolution Center in Olathe, Kansas, specializes in many forms of mediation. Co-parenting is a continuous journey that requires dedication, empathy, and compromise. Mediation truly holds the potential to transform co-parenting challenges into opportunities for growth and harmony. If you are a resident of the Kansas City area and looking for help to find common ground between you and your co-parent, contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 913-490-3689 for more information today!

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