Mediation: Sweat the Small Stuff in Advance!

When parenting from two households, whether parents are separated, divorced, or were never married, successfully managing children’s busy schedules can be a challenge. The average school year has several holidays and breaks that can disrupt a ‘regular’ parenting plan, and result in conflict between the parents over a variety of small details when it comes to holidays and days off school. The Dispute Resolution Center offers a team of experienced mediators who can help parents navigate these important but sometimes overlooked details while assisting in the creation of a parenting plan.

Even if you’ve agreed on parenting time in general, it’s a good idea to have a mediator assist in making sure you’ve considered all the details that may not seem important until you are in the midst of Spring Break, and can’t agree what day or time you will exchange the children. Mediating these details ahead of time reduces a lot of the emotional stress that can arise during long holiday weekends, teacher in-service days, or other breaks from school. Mediation at the Dispute Resolution Center offers you an affordable way to develop successful planning strategies so that you’re always a step ahead of the calendar.

The school year is stressful enough with after school activities, games, concerts, plays, or other events for you and your children to attend. Transitioning parenting time around these events can be difficult and result in unnecessary conflict if details aren’t decided in advance. Deciding ahead of time how to navigate these types of events in your regular parenting schedule will greatly reduce stress for both parents and children. A mediator will assist you to develop a clear plan for how you will deal with days off school throughout the year, and ensure you think about all the necessary details.

The Dispute Resolution Center’s team takes pride in making sure we listen to your family’s unique needs. Our mediation services will help tailor your plan to your individual family situation rather than using a cookie cutter approach. Don’t assume you will ‘just figure it out when the time comes.’ Plan ahead through mediation, and ensure less stress around breaks from school.

The Dispute Resolution Center can help with any co-parenting situation, from the simple to the complex. We offer appointments in person and over Zoom. Contact us at or call us at (913) 490-3689 for more information.

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